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Sworn translations

Experienced and formally certified sworn translators by the Board of Trade.

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Technical translations

Service of the most diverse niches of the industry by our team of professional partners, with technical training and practical experience in various subjects.

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Technology in focus

State-of-the-art digital capabilities for greater accuracy and security.

Content Services Review Reports

Content Services

Text review and editing for greater fluency and clarity of content.

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Localization Services

Content adequacy taking into account cultural and regional parameters and concepts.

Sworn translations

For over 20 years and with an extensive portfolio of renowned corporate customers, our translation services are under the direction of our editor-in-chief and legal expert in Portuguese-English languages, Ingrid Schroeder Levy.

Ingrid is a Sworn Translator and Commercial Interpreter, originally certified by the Board of Trade of Rio de Janeiro – JUCERJA in 2009, and accredited by the Board of Trade of Paraná – JUCEPAR under registration number 14/263-T. Ingrid is also a member of the ATA – American Translators Association and SINTRA – Sindicato Nacional de Tradutores.

With academic and professional experience in the USA, where she lived for approximately 5 years, Ingrid had the chance to learn and improve her fluency in English, as well as to deeply understand the American culture and the American way of life. Ingrid worked as an English teacher for over 10 years, including TOEFL and Legal, Financial and Accounting Technical English.

She stands out in the legal field for having a degree in Law from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil – PUC/PR since 1995, when she became accredited by the Bar Association of the state of Paraná OAB/PR under number 23220. Ingrid has worked for more than 25 years as corporate in-house counsel for multinational companies, often making use of the English language to carry out her professional activities. Ingrid has become and expert in Foreign Trade, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Under her strict watch, our unsworn and sworn translation and proofreading services include several sorts of legal and corporate documents, such as:

  • Birth, death, marriage, criminal records, baptism and divorce certificates;
  • Driver’s licenses, vaccinations, identity and labor cards, military/military discharge certificates, CPFs, medical certificates, passports, consular documents and other personal documents;
  • Transcripts, syllabi, report cards, diplomas, course completion certificates, resumes, recommendation letters and other school and professional instruments;
  • Income tax returns, paychecks, bank statements, money orders and other financial documents;
  • Administrative, court and arbitration proceedings, petitions, sentences, appeals, powers of attorney, wills, estate, public deeds, letters rogatory, legal opinions, jurisprudence;
  • Articles of association and bylaws, shareholders’ agreements, constitutional corporate documents, certificates, meeting minutes;
  • Commercial, banking and financial contracts of any nature, including technology transfer, supply, services, incorporation, merger, acquisition, joint venture, loan, financing, purchase and sale of shares, pledge, mortgage and terms of use;
  • Financial statements, balance sheets, audit reports, annual reports, income tax returns, investment plans and business plans;
  • Corporate compliance, governance and regulatory instruments of any nature, including terms of conduct, ethics, privacy, gifts, hospitality and entertainment, IT, HR, purchase, travel, reimbursement, accounting, anti-corruption, fraud prevention, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

The following is the legislation applicable to the sworn translation services and the Current Emoluments Table of the Commercial Board of Paraná:

Technical translations

Our range of specialists includes engineers, programmers, web designers, lawyers, accountants, finance professionals, medical doctors and pharmacists who provide superior and reliable support to our team of translators. The exchange of knowledge brought about by our solid professional structure is a key element for us to improve with each new project we embrace. Together with our customers, this is how we keep on growing.

Check out some of our main segments:

  • Legal: administrative, court and arbitration proceedings, petitions, sentences, appeals, powers of attorney, wills, estates, public deeds, letters rogatory, legal opinions, jurisprudence, articles of association and bylaws, shareholders’ agreements, official corporate registries, filings and certificates, meeting minutes, commercial, banking and financial contracts of any nature, including technology transfer, supply, services, incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, loan, financing, purchase and sale of shares, pledge, mortgage, terms of use;
  • Accounting and Finance: financial statements, balance sheets, audit reports, annual reports, income tax returns, investment plans and business plans;
  • Compliance, Governança Corporativa e Regulatório: termos de conduta, códigos de ética, políticas de privacidade, brindes, presentes, hospitalidade e entretenimento, TI, RH, compras, viagens, reembolso, contábeis, anticorrupção, prevenção a fraudes, lavagem de dinheiro e ao financiamento de terrorismo, pedidos, licenças e outros atos perante as principais autoridades regulatórias do Brasil, como ANATEL, ANEEL, ANCINE, ANVISA, ANAC, ANTT, BACEN, CVM e SUSEP;
  • Commercial and Marketing: all sorts of advertising material, fliers, folders, MS Power Point presentations®, commercial proposals, purchase orders, invoices, import licenses and forms, bidding packages;
  • Engineering, Telecom, IT, Aviation, Nautical, Environmental, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Food:  expert opinions and reports , technical manuals of any nature, including user manuals, installation and set up of hardware, software, parts and equipment, production flows, quality and warranty certificates; bidding documents and technical specifications thereof; help files, computer program screens, trademark and patent registrations, medical reports and exams, package inserts and pharmaceutical labels, nutritional tables and food labels;
  • Tourism and Hospitality: destination itineraries, travel packages, guides and articles; travel reports and restaurant, hotel, art performances and cultural exhibits reviews; event plans and agenda;
  • Academic and Scientific: school transcripts and report cards, syllabi, diplomas, course completion certificates; theses, essays, articles and other scientific publications; professional resumes, cover and recommendation letters.

Technology in focus

We use state-of-the-art digital translation resources to support our work and significantly improve our productivity: the so-called CAT – computer-assisted translations, or computer-assisted translations tools. This technology enables the creation of translation memories that often form customized language inventories for our customers, since every new translation project gets filed and stored specifically under each one of our customers’ own database.

While our productivity increases, our turnaround times decrease, at the same time that our work gains in technical quality and consistency, since our professionals access the same language and glossary databases. Moreover, this material serves as reference for future projects, whether repeated (for example, standard contract which only differ from the originally translated instrument as far as the parties are concerned) or related ones (for example, contractual amendments arising from an original contract which was previously translated within the CAT platform).

Our CATs tools also meet the highest standards of information security and confidentiality.

Last but not least, none of the benefits provided by computer assisted translation tools replaces the human artistry of our team of professional translators. In fact, the combination of cutting-edge technology and meticulous human perception is what differentiates the high standard of our services.

Content Services

Spelling and grammar accuracy, textual structure and visual presentation are fundamental to assure quality and add fluency to content, making it clearer, more elegant and harmonic.

Our proofreading and text editing services include checking, correcting and revising linguistic content and literary style of:

  • Theses and academic, scientific, journalistic and advertising articles;
  • Technical texts of several industry verticals;
  • Negócios e material comercial.

Localization Services

Translating a digital product or tool from one country, region and language to another requires way more than the knowledge of foreign languages. The effectiveness of a message lies in the difference between a simple text conversion and a complete adaptation of its content.

In order to be faithful to the original linguistic characteristics while making it understandable and appealing to the target audience for which they are intended, it is necessary to conform the message to the profile of the local market and culture. This is also known as localization.

This is not an easy task because an out-of-context, ipsis literis can easily jeopardize the entire communication, advertising and marketing strategy behind the simple text.

The importance of localization is well illustrated in the following examples:

A recipe app originally from the US and in English presents its mass, volume and temperature measurements according to the American customary imperial system. The same app is launched in Brazil, where metric is the standard system, however the recipes are simply translated into Portuguese, ignoring the difference in measurement systems and following the original one. That leaves the entire measurement conversion process up to the user, which will certainly ruin customer experience.

Localization goes way beyond the classic conversion of measurements and currencies and reformatting of dates, addresses and telephone numbers. It encompasses more intricate concepts that are inherent to the target culture and geography, such as: rewriting content and adjusting spellings to suit the audience, and making sure all content meets local and moral standards and expectations.

Our team of highly qualified professionals has the right workflows, regional expertise and resources to make your message and business more appealing and engaging to local consumers, improving brand loyalty and assuring the very best customer experience.

Localization services may involve:

  • Texts and documents;
  • Games, software, apps and websites;
  • Blogs, social networks, ads, email marketing, newsletters and other media.

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